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Institute of Hospitality and Management (IHM) is one-of-its-kind organisation in the country set up by PACL. The institution has an exclusive affiliation with world-renowned Punjabi University, Patiala.

The institute is a center of excellence for world class education in the field of Hospitality and Management. IHM has internationally trained faculty. The faculty at IHM has an extensive experience in Hospitality and Management.

IHM is located on a sprawling 15-acre campus on the Chandigarh-Rajpura on the outskirts of the City Beautiful. The campus provides a serene yet academic atmosphere. There is a separate hostel facility for boys and girls. Each student is allotted an independent room.

It is important to mention that the infrastructure and amenities at the campus are the best in the region. 
IHM has a dedicated Training and Placement Cell, which aims to achieve 100% placements for the students.

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This three year programme equips students with all the required skills, knowledge and attitude to efficiently discharge supervisory responsibilities in the Hospitality sector. The programme also involves in-depth laboratory work for students to acquire required knowledge and skill standards in the operational areas of Food Production, Food & Beverage Services, Front-Office Operations & Housekeeping. 


Our Hospitality Labs include 3 Training Kitchens 


Basic Training Kitchen : In the first year, students are made familiar with the basic cooking methodology. They are taught chopping & cutting vegetables, making of soups, salads, dressings etc. 


Quantity Food Kitchen: In the second year, students are acquainted with the practical knowledge of cooking various regional cuisines in bulk. 


Advanced Training Kitchen: Here, the Third Year students are trained to make 5 course international menus independently. Along with the basic kitchen accessories, students also use other heavy equipments like conventional ovens, dishwashing machines, vegetable slicers, meat mincers, ice-crushing machines, blenders, cocktail shakers and OTG oven, toaster & griller etc. 


Students are also trained to use Baking and Confectionary equipment in 1st and 3rd year of their Hospitality Programme.

BCA is a three year degree course in the field of Computer Applications to produce industry-ready professional experts in Programming Techniques. 


This degree helps the students to get a sound knowledge of computer applications with the help of which they can have a perfect launch pad for a challenging career in the field of Information Technoloy.

A Bachelors in Business Administration is a highly focused qualification and it significantly boosts career prospects and simultaneously provides contemporary education and training to meet the challenges of the evolving global scenario and changing environment in business administration. 


The degree also incorporates Managerial Skills, Communication Skills and Business Decision making capabilities through practical experience in the form of Presentations, Case Studies, Industrial Visits & Guest Lectures by Experts from the Industry.

B.Com (Professional accounting) is a high profile undergraduate programme aimed at creating world class accounting and management professionals. 


It provides comprehensive insight into accounting, finance, taxation, business law, management and so on. All these play an important role in today's dynamic business environment.

All our courses provide a blend of theory and practice. Assignments introduce students to current management issues with local, regional, national and international tourism businesses and organizations. These assignments are designed to give students the skill and confidence to develop their own tourism businesses and fill the growing need for managers in the tourism industry

The course introduces students to the Hospitality & Tourism Industry. The course focuses on learning from case studies and applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations. The industrial training component exposes the student to first hand experience in Tourism and Hotel Industry while they are still gaining theoretical knowledge. 


The course also incorporates academic contents in Marketing, Public Relations, Business Communication & Total Quality Management etc.

Mass Communication, Journalism & Media Technology is an undergraduate course which covers the study of the constituents of mass media such as Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television etc. The course adequately trains the students to rightly convey the information to the audience. 


The students also learn methods to collect and distribute the news and create general awareness among the common public through the Print as well as the Electronic Media

This Postgraduate degree makes the students understand the global trends in Tourism and Tourism Concepts and equips them with all the required skills, knowledge and attributes to efficiently handle managerial roles in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Sector. 


It prepares students a career in Airlines and in related fields. After completion of this course, the students will be able to address managerial issues in their subsequent ventures.

This course is designed for graduate students in any stream who are interested in gaining knowledge about various hardware and software programmes in Computer Applications. 


The course is academic in nature yet provides practical preparation for individuals in the computer field.

Communication and Journalism are areas of expanding employment opportunities. It is for individuals who have successfully completed their graduation in any stream. The theoretical component of this one year course equips students with basic academic knowledge in the field of Communication & Journalism. 


The course seeks to train students in the basic skills of journalism and mass communication. This will help them to take up jobs in various Mass Media Institutions like Print Media, Electronic Media, Advertising Agencies, Magazine & Book Publishing Houses.

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