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India is seeing an aviation boom. There are multiple airlines like Jet Airways, Spicejet, Indigo Airlines, Air India & Go Air already operating in India. In addition, many new airlines such as Air Asia are starting up their operations here. There is vast scope for jobs in these airlines & airports all across India, and also abroad.

Aviation courses help you understand how to run & manage an airport, baggage, passengers, money transactions, and everything else you need to know, to make a career in this field.

Scope of Aviation Industry
Still amongst the better­paid and more attractive jobs going, in popular imagery the profession of a pilot has a special mystique attached to it. So those who do succeed in realizing the almost universal childhood dream of earning their wings are generally a pretty pleased lot. Although the employment scenario has been tight in the last decade, thanks to the waves of change sweeping the ‘civil aviation industry and the entry of several new private and international airlines, more aspirants may be able to realize this dream in the near future.

Helicopter Pilots:
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd’s (HAL) Rotary Wing Academy at Bangaluru would be a good bet. However in compliance with the flight­safety requirements that are being followed worldwide, the DGCA has recently upped the mandatory flying time from the present 100 hours to 150 hours before the CHPL can be issued. So correspondingly, the earlier fee of Rs.10 lakh, which makes it rather steep. Also I’ve heard some rumblings about the non­availability of training aircraft. But on the flip side, the placements for helicopter pilots are far better than their CPL counterparts.

Air Hostess / Flight Steward
The trouble free, comfortable and safe journey of a passenger is of prime importance to the aviation sector. In this regard, it is an Air Hostess / Flight Steward whose role becomes really crucial as they are the first one to welcome passengers aboard an aircraft.

Their job also includes giving instructions to the passengers on how to use safety measures during crisis, catering foods and drinks to the passengers and answering passengers| inquiries on facilities and services. They are supposed to provide First Aid to passengers who feel sick.

Flight Training
The flight training covers several topics, each of which deals with technical or nontechnical aspects of the aircraft.

Beginning with the history of aviation, the candidates are made to learn in­flight service, passenger handling, passenger psychology, service of meals on the aircraft, the art of conversation, transactional analysis, emergency evacuation system, personal grooming and hygiene, First Aid, confidence building, handling of visually impaired passengers, making announcements, emergency demonstration, etc.

Flight Purser
After three to five years, depending upon your performance, Flight Steward/Air Hostess is eligible to become a Flight Purser. Your responsibilities increase as you take over the charge of the Cabin Crew on board. Salaries generally get double up.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers play a stellar role in Aviation sector as they are the ones who ensure that the aircraft is in a perfect condition before take­off. An engineer needs to be completely focused on safety as the casual attitude can pose a danger to the lives of people on board.

The Aircraft Engineer has to certify the aircraft fit for release. The job ensures the availability of safe aircraft at the best possible cost. The Engineering and Maintenance department of an airline performs scheduled and unscheduled tasks, leading to restoration of the expected airworthiness.

Other Jobs

Flight and Ground Instructors:
The Flight Instructors give training to the Pilots on some systems and are mainly with engineering background. On the other hand, the Ground Instructors are from operations background.

Flight Instructors are usually senior Pilots who are employed within the airline. They usually perform line duties as they are not released due to shortage of pilots.

Flight Despatchers :
Flight Dispatchers| are those people who give a briefing to the Pilots before a flight on the weather, flight path and optimising the flight.

Factor Facilitators :
The Factor Facilitators give training to the cockpit and cabin crew on resource management. They also undertake joint sessions of cabin crew, engineers and cockpit crew on working together.

Aviation Psychologists :
The Factor Facilitators give training to the cockpit and cabin crew on resource management. They also undertake joint sessions of cabin crew, engineers and cockpit crew on working together.